Beating the odds: Rowan alum wins big on "The Price is Right"

Beating the odds: Rowan alum wins big on "The Price is Right"

On the Jan. 4 episode of CBS’s “The Price is Right,” Bradshaw won more than $46,000 in cash and prizes – including a 2011 Toyota Prius – when he teamed up with celebrity guest and Emmy-winning actor, Neil Patrick Harris.
Adam Bradshaw '11 (center) recently won more than $46,000 in cash and prizes with the help of celebrity guest Neil Patrick Harris (left) on CBS's "The Price is Right." -- Photo from

Adam Bradshaw wanted a car. No, Adam Bradshaw needed a car.

After his 2011 graduation from Rowan University, Bradshaw moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the television and film industry. But he did sowithout the number one necessity for L.A. living – a car.

Broke and forced to use public transportation, this Kalamazoo, Mich. native beat the odds with a little luck – and the help of Doogie Howser.  

On the Jan. 4 episode of CBS’s “The Price is Right,” Bradshaw won more than $46,000 in cash and prizes – including a 2011 Toyota Prius – when he teamed up with celebrity guest and Emmy-winning actor, Neil Patrick Harris. This was no easy feat, especially since Bradshaw almost didn’t even make it to the studio that day.


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On his days off – which are very few and far between – Bradshaw enjoys attending live tapings of TV shows. While many people are eager to see their favorite actor or win prizes, he is more interested in learning about the coordination and production of each show.

As a longtime fan of “The Price is Right,” Bradshaw jumped at the chance to go to a taping on his day off. Unfortunately, none of his friends were available. 

“I considered not going because who wants to go to ‘The Price is Right’ by themselves, right?” Bradshaw said.

After deciding that wasn't going to stop him, Bradshaw walked to the bus stop only to watch the bus leave without him. It wasn’t meant to be. That’s what a disappointed Bradshaw thought until he discovered his roommate working from home that day and not needing his car.

Impressing the producers

Bradshaw drove to the studio, got in line with the other 280 or so viewers and waited for his interview.

“I had no idea, but all members of the audience are actually interviewed in line before they go in and the producers pick the contestants from those,” Bradshaw said. “In my interview, I said that I honestly had just come to see the show and take notes, but if I get on, that would be great, too. They moved on to the next person and I thought nothing of it.”

While waiting in line after the interviews, Bradshaw, always personable and charismatic, struck up a conversation with a group from Virginia. They made an agreement that if either party got to the Showcase Showdown the others would go up on stage with them at the end of the show.

“At the time, I had hoped they would get called because maybe I could get on stage,” he said. “But, this turned out to be a good choice for me because in the actual turn of events, without them in the end, I would’ve been standing alone on stage.”

Bradshaw and the group from Virginia finally made their way into the studio and took their seats. Bradshaw watched as the producers and crewmembers walked through the audience and prepped for the show.

“I noticed them looking in my direction and hoped that meant one of my new friends sitting near me was going to be picked,” he said.

The show started and Bradshaw’s name was the second to be called.

“It wasn’t until all of my new friends started cheering and pushing me up that I realized I had actually been called,” he said. “I was so shocked. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening as I ran down the contestant’s row.”

Meeting Neil Patrick Harris

The first prize was an LED HDTV. Bradshaw was the closest bidder without going over and went on stage to compete in the first game called “1/2 Off.” That’s when he first learned that stage, TV and film actor Neil Patrick Harris would help him win $10,000.

“I don’t know which one stunned me more,” Bradshaw said. “I have always been a huge Neil Patrick Harris fan, but, as a broke college grad, $10,000 was flashing in my mind.”

With humor and reason, Bradshaw and Harris worked their way through the game and came down to a 50-50 decision on which box contained the $10,000. Bradshaw picked up “lucky number seven,” as he called it, and found the money. His reaction expressed genuine excitement, shock and gratitude making the audience explode with cheers.

“I got so excited and ran around the stage,” he said. “No way was this actually happening.”

A new car

Bradshaw later went to spin the wheel and beat his two opponents with a 90. He was on his way to the Showcase Showdown.

“I wondered what my showcase would be,” Bradshaw said. “A new car? I didn’t have a car. As Neil Patrick Harris read the first showcase and it had a car, I knew right then I was going to bid. As I watched my opponent’s showcase, I knew I made the right choice.”

After both bids were in, host Drew Carey announced the winner.

“Drew said my name and almost in slow motion I ran to the car as I’ve seen so many people do in the past,” Bradshaw said. “Then, as we planned, the family from Virginia came on stage with me and celebrated. It was an amazing moment.”

In total, Bradshaw won a TV, various kitchen appliances including a coffeemaker and fondue pot, $11,000, an Apple products package, a trip for two to Walt Disney World and a car. He plans to give some of his appliances to his parents and take his sister to Orlando.

“That day my main objective was simply to see the taping to cross it off my bucket list and, also, to try and learn about what has made this show so successful over its 40 years,” Bradshaw said. “It is just amazing to me how so many things almost caused me not to go that day, but somehow it all worked out for an experience I will remember forever.”

Bradshaw is not the only Rowan graduate to win on “The Price is Right.” Amanda Eby ’06, also a radio/TV/film major, won the Showcase Showdown on March 30, 2010.