"I Like Mike" week supports Rowan's Dancing with the Stars effort

Mike Harris is a popular guy at Rowan University, so popular, in fact, that the school named a whole week after him.
Mike Harris is a popular guy at Rowan University, so popular, in fact, that the school named a whole week after him.

Rowan didn’t name the week after the vice president of Facilities and Operations because he is a great guy (though he is), but rather to support his efforts in Gloucester County’s Dancing with the Stars competition sponsored by the Greater Woodbury Chamber of Commerce.

“I Like Mike Week,” which will be held Sept. 18 to 24 on the Glassboro campus, will include a penny war competition among fraternities and sororities, “I Like Mike” button sales and more.

Greek organizations will man buckets in the Student Center all week, asking people to drop their pennies (nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars are most welcome, too), with the goal of being the top fundraising group.

Buttons (which go for $5) will be on sale at the Student Center Information Desk, the Rec Center, Barnes & Noble on Rowan Boulevard, at offices across campus and during the Sept. 24 football game.

Donations must be in by Sept. 23 to be counted toward Harris’ effort, which is to raise money for the Rowan Emergency Scholarship Fund.

Harris, 47, has been rehearsing since the summer with his partner, Liz Deal from LaPierre Ballroom Dance Studio, Glassboro, tackling the hustle, west coat swing, waltz and pasodoble. They demonstrated their skill at preliminary competitions in August and will compete on Sept. 29 at Auletto Caterers, 1849 Cooper Street, Almonesson.

Harris, who one judge at the preliminaries likened to a prince in a Disney movie, is competing in the sixth annual charity event to benefit Rowan students who are experiencing life-altering crises in their families.

While he would be pleased to win the dance competition, that’s not where his heart is; it’s on raising money for Rowan students.

“I’m excited to be representing Rowan University in Dancing with the Stars and working to raise money for our Emergency Scholarship Fund,” Harris said. “It’s been work — and fun — preparing for the competition. And it’s been a real team effort. A lot of Rowan staff have been behind this, and I’m grateful for their support.”

Now other staff and students (and family and friends) can help as well, by contributing to penny wars, buying a button or contributing at giving.rufoundation.org. “I Like Mike Week” will be the last campus-wide fundraiser before the finale.

For more information or to support Harris, visit www.rowan.edu/dwts.

To see Mike in action, go to http://www.youtube.com/user/RowanUniversity.