For 1981 alumnus, a career of sweet success

For 1981 alumnus, a career of sweet success

It may have been 30 years since Brian O'Malley walked the corridors of Bunce Hall as a student, but he is no stranger to Rowan University.
It may have been 30 years since Brian O'Malley walked the corridors of Bunce Hall as a student, but he is no stranger to Rowan University.

The 1981 graduate (B.A., Business Administration), of Middletown, is president and chief executive officer of Domino Foods, Inc., headquartered in Iselin. He also is a friend of Rowan, speaking often to Rohrer College of Business students and funding a major clinic project for the College of Engineering.

After graduation, O'Malley began his career in 1982 with Amstar Corporation (the parent company of Domino Sugar) in New York City working in the Financial Department. He went on to earn an M.B.A. in finance from Rutgers University in 1991 and then joined the Sales and Marketing Department at Domino Sugar.

From 1991 to 1998, he was promoted to increasingly more responsible positions, culminating in manager of National Accounts.

After leaving Domino Sugar, he served as director of Strategic Planning at Refined Sugars, Inc.  (RSI) based in Yonkers, N.Y., a firm that shortly before had been acquired in a 50/50 partnership by Florida Crystals Corporation and The Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida. Initially, O'Malley was charged with conducting a comprehensive analysis of current markets, the logistics infrastructure and the associated support systems. He later was responsible for developing a strategic sales and marketing plan for RSI that would optimize profitability and solidify RSI's long-term position in the sweetener industry.

O'Malley became vice president of Sales and Marketing for RSI in 2000, and in late 2001, he was named president and CEO of Domino Foods, Inc. subsequent to the successful acquisition of Domino Sugar. Domino Foods, Inc. conducts all the sales, marketing, logistics and financial services (including credit, invoicing and the entire order-to-cash cycle) for both The American Sugar Refining Company and Okeelanta Corporation (a subsidiary of Florida Crystals Corporation). The company sells products into five distinct distribution channels (Industrial, Grocery, Foodservice, Specialty and Export) and is the market leader with an overall 35 percent market share. The company markets the leading retail U.S. brands with Domino in the eastern half and California & Hawaiian (C&H) in the western half and Florida Crystals nationally within the natural and organic segment.

During his tenure as president and CEO, O'Malley has played a significant role in creating the first fully integrated sugar company in North America, taking products from the agricultural field to the retail shelf. He has helped lead the company through a number of successful acquisitions, including C&H from Citi Bank, American Sweetener Corp. from Chr Hansen Corp., the Nashville-based powder mill operation from Archer Daniels Midland and Sugar Stix, Inc., a major tabletop foodservice company with plants in Orlando and Dallas. He also has played a significant role in helping the larger corporate entity successfully acquire Redpath Sugars, the largest cane refiner in Canada (based in Toronto) and Ingenio San Nicolas, an agricultural sugar company with a mill and refinery located in the Vera Cruz region of Mexico. This makes Domino the only sugar company with a North American footprint.

He is a past president of the International Sugar Club, current vice chairman of the Chairman's Advisory Council of The Grocery Manufacturers of America and is on the board of The Sugar Association.

Among his honors, O'Malley has been named to the Business 100 by Irish America Magazine from 2009 through 2011.

O'Malley and his wife, Maureen, are the parents of Erin, Michael and Kevin. Erin is a student at Rowan majoring in early childhood education.