The road to Commencement: Meet some members of Rowan's Class of 2006


Among the 2,700 students participating in Rowan University's 82nd annual undergraduate Commencement ceremony on Friday, May 12, are these members of the Class of 2006, who have taken interesting paths

Among the 2,700 students participating in Rowan University's 82nd annual undergraduate Commencement ceremony on Friday, May 12, are these members of the Class of 2006, who have taken interesting paths to earn their degrees:

- Arielle Botter of Vineland, who, at age 19, is earning her second college degree and is heading off this fall on a Fulbright scholarship to study international affairs at Carleton University in Canada. Botter, who receives her sociology degree with a perfect 4.0 grade point average, also holds an associate's degree in liberal arts from Cumberland County College. Homeschooled over the Internet in high school, Botter plans a career in international relations. She earns her degree from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

- Mother-and-daughter duo Carolyn and Ashlee DeAngelis of Washington Township, both of whom are earning their bachelor's degrees from the College of Communication. It will be a grand weekend for Carolyn, who will graduate with her daughter on Friday, mark her 51st birthday on Saturday, and celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday. "I have to buy her, like, three gifts!" kids Ashlee, 22, who will receive her degree in radio, television and film and hosted her own program on WGLS Rowan Radio this past fall. Carolyn, who was advertising manager for The Whit, Rowan's student newspaper, will earn her journalism degree cum laude. "I'm hoping to pay my college loans off before Social Security sets in," she laughs.

- Corey Crouch of Medford Lakes, a summa cum laude elementary education and English graduate who this month received the New Jersey Commissioner's Distinguished Teacher Candidate Award, which recognizes the state's most promising aspiring teachers. Crouch will join Teach for America this fall and will begin her career teaching high school English in an inner-city school in Houston. She caught the teaching bug while a freshman at New York University when she worked as a teacher's assistant in a kindergarten classroom in Public School #63 in New York City. Crouch transferred to Rowan's College of Education in her sophomore year.

- Brian Deutch of Sussex, a four-year member of the men's soccer team, who leaves Rowan with a bachelor's degree in business administration (with specializations in human resource management (HRM) and business management) and a fully paid graduate fellowship to study HRM at Rutgers University. On May 22, he begins a prestigious human resource internship in New York City with Coach, the upscale handbag company, which has locations throughout the United States and in Asia. Deutch, who wasn't sure of his major when he entered Rowan, found his niche in HRM and landed impressive internships through contacts he made through clubs and organizations, including as president of the Society of Human Resource Management. "In HRM, what you can do can have an impact on the entire organization," Deutch says. "And it's one job an organization can't really outsource to India."

- Geography major Laurene Reuter of Richwood, who will be right at home on Rowan's University Green during the Commencement ceremony. Reuter, 44, is a landscape technician in the University's Landscape Management Department and has spent many work hours tending to trees and plants across campus. The married mother of two teens, who has two other part-time jobs and also is an EMT, graduates with a 3.85 grade point average. She finished her degree this spring even though a fire gutted her family's home on March 31. "I wouldn't take an incomplete grade in my classes. What kind of example would I be for my children if I took the easy way out?" she says.

- Rosenhayn native Christopher Taylor, an English major, theatre minor, and emerging playwright, whose play, "Crappily Ever After," was staged at Rowan this spring. In the fall, Taylor will join the Philadelphia Teaching Fellows, a program that places talented college graduates in teaching positions in some of the most difficult-to-fill classroom assignments in city schools. Taylor, who became interested in teaching while serving two years as a tutor at Rowan's Academic Success Center, will teach English as a Second Language (ESL) in a Philadelphia elementary school. He'll also pursue graduate certification in elementary education and ESL instruction from the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education. By teaching, Taylor follows in the footsteps of his mother, a Rowan graduate and longtime first-grade teacher in Deerfield Township, who passed away this past fall from colon cancer. Taylor acted in about a dozen productions while at Rowan and intends to eventually pursue an MFA from Northwestern University.