Rowan Forms Exchange Program with University in Ecuador


After more than a year of planning, Rowan University has entered into a cooperative exchange program with the University of San Francisco at Quito (USFQ) in Ecuador that will allow Rowan students to s

After more than a year of planning, Rowan University has entered into a cooperative exchange program with the University of San Francisco at Quito (USFQ) in Ecuador that will allow Rowan students to study biology and Spanish abroad.

Dr. Patricia Mosto, chair of the Biological Sciences Department, and Dr. Sonia Spencer, chair of the Foreign Languages and Literatures Department, developed the exchange after discussions with USFQ President and founder Dr. Santiago Gangotena and a visit to the USFQ facilities in Quito in October 2003. Established in 1989, the University of San Francisco at Quito is a commuter campus of about 2,800 students with a wide range of offerings designed to develop strong critical thinking skills with a focus on service learning and entrepreneurship.

As part of the exchange, Rowan junior and senior biology and Spanish students will be allowed to attend classes at the Quito campus and USFQ students can take courses at Rowan. There also will be possibilities for faculty exchanges and collaborative research between Quito and Rowan faculty and students. Mosto believes Rowan students could begin taking courses at the University of San Francisco at Quito as early as Spring 2005.

Rowan President Dr. Donald Farish said the Rowan/USFQ exchange will provide an enhanced educational experience for students in both countries. ?Through this partnership, our students will not only further their science and language studies, they will become more well-rounded citizens of the world,? said Farish. ?Today?s worker needs a global perspective and study abroad can provide that expanded view.?

With no dorms, exchange students are housed with experienced host families in Quito and nearby Cumbaya. Bus service runs frequently to the university and to any leisure activities students might enjoy. U.S. students taking classes at Quito said the ?home stays? with Ecuadorian families were the most enjoyable part of the study abroad experience.

?The academic opportunities available at Quito are first rate, but it?s the opportunity to become immersed in another culture that will provide the most enriching experiences for our students,? Mosto said. ?Seeing another person?s way of life, learning the customs, interacting with the people of another country is what makes studying abroad worthwhile and fulfilling.?

Students come to Quito through exchange programs with U.S. colleges and universities including: Boston University, Michigan State University, North Carolina State University, Virginia Polytechnic University, the University of North Carolina and the University of Oklahoma.

Sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, the Rowan/USFQ partnership is the second exchange program of its type at Rowan. In 2000, Radio/TV/Film Professor Dr. Richard Grupenhoff developed a cooperative exchange program between Rowan?s College of Communication and the University of Osnabrueck in Germany. Now, Rowan professors teach a semester-long film course and Rowan students attend classes in Germany. In turn, Osnabrueck students attend film courses for a semester at Rowan.

Although not an exchange program, the Rowan College of Business also is sponsoring a study abroad opportunity. Beginning in 2005 students can enroll in an International MBA (IMBA) program in Greece. The IMBA will be conducted on a branch campus in Athens, Greece, and follow the existing Rowan MBA program in terms of courses and requirements. Rowan faculty will teach courses required by the college?s accreditation body, the Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business. Greek faculty and other United States-based faculty with international teaching experience also will be available to teach in the program.

Rowan students also study abroad each year under the auspices of other international programs. This past year, Rowan students lived and studied in countries, including England, France, Italy, Australia, Honduras and Spain. To learn more about the new cooperative exchange program with the University of San Francisco at Quito in Ecuador, contact Biological Sciences Chair Dr. Patricia Mosto at 856-256-4834 or or Foreign Languages and Literatures Chair Dr. Sonia Spencer at 856-256-3466 or Contact Dr. Edward Smith, Interim Director of Rowan?s International Center, at 856-256-4500, x3472, or for more information on Rowan study abroad opportunities.

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