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In the Media

By Sara Isadora Mancuso, Inquirer Suburban Staff

Several Rowan University students ventured into pink and green laser-lit raves in Philadelphia this semester. They holed up in bathrooms to intervie

By GENE VERNACCHIO, Courier-Post Staff

GLASSBORO--After graduating from Rowan University in the early 1980s, Frederick "Ric" Edelman and Jean McMenamin Edelman reached for the stars.

They return

by Jennifer Gennari Shepherd

"Quite simply, living in Spain was one of the best experiences, both personally and professionally, that I have ever had," said Jesse Lee Rozycki (1984), who has return

By Brian Salvatore (2003)

The much touted and often tarnished Generation X has been labeled as a pack of selfish, cynical slackers, but not these under-30 alums. Recommended by professors and mento

by Chip Turner (1996)

One of the difficulties in discussing how September 11, 2001 has changed our lives is that you simply run out of superlatives and synonyms for the words bad and pain. The Engl

Staff Writer

GLASSBORO -- After maxing out his credit card and fitting in class work between editing sessions, 29-year-old Rowan University senior David Boorboor finally finishe

Staff Writer

Like every year, West Deptford Guidance Director Maureen Boehm expects to see more college-bound students choose to leave Southern New Jersey as they receive accept

Staff Writer

GLASSBORO -- Nearly 100 teen-age boys and girls from Camden and Gloucester counties participated in the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority International Day of Service this

Staff Writer

When Luis A. Tavarez entertains questions and concerns from high school students and their parents about financial aid for college, one question seems to always com

By SHAWN MENZIES, Staff Writer

GLASSBORO -- The importance of gaining experience prior to entering the job market is clear to most college students today, that's why Rowan University junior Jamie P


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