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LAST April, Montclair State University held a lottery for students interested in the Village at Little Falls -- a new 850-bed dormitory complex -- with four students to a unit sharing a living room, a

With the holiday season nearing, Rowan University students are gearing up for their 36th annual "Holiday Helper," a week-long charity drive to raise money for local organizations.

This year's even

Three members of a Rowan University MBA class had what it takes - specifically, stock in Orleans Homebuilders - to capture the top three positions in the Gannett New Jersey/INJersey Stock Market Game.

Let me confess at once that I have a personal interest in telling about a new book by M. Larry Litwin, an assistant professor of communication at Rowan University.

I would benefit if quite a few bu

Local educators are hoping that a new partnership between Rowan University and Dorothy L. Bullock Elementary School will help the school focus on professional development while training future teacher

The engineering clinics at Rowan have been a hallmark of the College of Engineering since it welcomed its first class in 1996. And in that, Rowan is unique. Unlike students at many other engineering s

Rowan University students interested in entering the medical field now have two more options to explore.

Several hundred colleagues, friends and family gathered at the Rowan University student center ballroom Sunday afternoon to remember a man who never complained.

The life of William H. Myers, assis

Richard Grupenhoff has some advice for college students: Don't be an idiot.

"I don't mean the word today, but idiotes, the Greek root that means people who are ignorant, who live in a community but

GLASSBORO -- A Rowan University assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering received a $149,322 subcontract for work on the development of a regional stormwater management plan for part


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