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Jim Vassallo knew he wanted a career in radio almost as soon as he learned what radio was.

That's not surprising considering that at a young age Vassallo was known to mute the television while watc

A documentary that revisits the golden era of Philadelphia radio in the 1960s recently earned Rowan Radio top honors in a national student competition sponsored by College Broadcasters Inc.


A pirate ship and a tin man joined a dozen other sculptures fashioned out of canned goods on Monday morning at Rowan University.

Featuring more than 3,000 pounds of donated food, the event "Cans Ac

A day breaks down to 24 hours, 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds. Managing that time can be difficult for a busy professional with a family. For many, exercise is something that gets left on the back bu

When 25-year-old Ashley Symons decided to pursue a master's degree in secondary education she started looking for a college with a program that was close and convenient.

A Rowan University graduate

Ali Houshmand, 52, came to Rowan University this fall as the university's new provost. Houshmand, an industrial engineer by training, served as associate provost, interim provost, senior vice presiden

Though it looks like a miniature yellow catamaran, a craft designed by professors and students at Rowan University is not your father's toy boat.

The wooden boat is actually a robotic flotation dev

Three Rowan University professors have been identified as teaching some of the nation's top courses in their disciplines, according to a study conducted by the Center for Educational Policy Research (

Brad White scheduled 11 interviews this week with potential employers that won't require any off-campus trips.

"This is new for me," said White, a 21-year-old civil engineering major from West Dept

James Gaymon had one rule for Saturday's Homecoming festivities at Rowan University -- show up early.

"You've got to come claim your spot," Gaymon said shortly after 9:30 a.m., well before the day'


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