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Call them economic matchmakers.

Area colleges this year will be expanding their efforts to connect people with jobs by providing the training and education needed to meet the needs of area employer

Frigid winds whipped through muddy fields here Thursday as workers placed the final beam of the first building marking Rowan University's westward expansion.

The two-story steel structure, which ca

Tom Osler was a nerdy Camden kid who began running at age 14. He saw it as his only route to athletic glory. For his birthday, his mom had given him a stopwatch, and he used it to time himself for a m

Fraternity brothers at Rowan University are reaching out to a community nonprofit facility that houses about 40 disabled residents.

The brothers of Omicron-Iota chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE)

For the second time in three years, a team of Rowan University public relations students has beat out the competition of established professional agencies throughout the Delaware Valley to earn two to

Two Rowan University students who serve on the board of trustees are helping to organize a new statewide group that they hope will give college students in all of New Jersey's public institutions a un

The four-year bachelor's degree is no longer your ticket to great success. Today's college students and working professionals know an advanced degree will blast your career up that proverbial ladder.

The borough fire department will receive a special delivery from Wisconsin of a $242,000 truck that the fire chief says will better suit his department given its dwindling pool of volunteers.


A new concentration in the philosophy and religion department at Rowan University seeks to direct students to study the ethics behind many scandals that have captured recent headlines in the worlds of

Jim Vassallo knew he wanted a career in radio almost as soon as he learned what radio was.

That's not surprising considering that at a young age Vassallo was known to mute the television while watc


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